Handmade Viols from Bob Eyland

After over 40 years of making instruments to commission I have decided to offer only completed viols for sale. This I feel is better for the customer as it removes any concerns about the suitability of the finished instrument in terms of appropriate model and tonal properties.

Any available instruments will be featured on the For Sale page, along with information about any others under construction.

“I have been buying Bob Eyland’s viols for 35 years – 16 instruments to date. I have bought several instruments from other makers too, but for their clear tone and ease of playing, and for Bob’s immaculate craftsmanship, I keep going back for more.”

Alison Crum. Performer, teacher and President of the Viola da Gamba Society of Great Britain.

Bob Eyland Handmade Viola da Gamba

Clients’ comments

“Small 7 string Colichon: A viol that works in all circumstances and never fails to please. In this changeable world it’s great to have something you can rely on 100%!”

“A copy or, more accurately, a meticulous reconstruction of a G violone which Bob made for me in 1983 has been and is still one of my favourite instruments. It is enormously versatile, as well as beautifully made, and recently has been much admired as the ideal bass instrument in early Bach.”
Bill Hunt

“I have Bob Eyland’s superb ‘Silver Jubilee’ bass viol that celebrates 25 years of making from this expert craftsman. It is an absolute gem of an instrument- a small Colichon with a vibrant range from top to bottom. I have found no other instrument that comes anywhere near mine. The finish is stunning and the workmanship faultless – and the sound projects and resonates beautifully. I consider myself very lucky to have one of Bob’s instruments.”
Jacqui Robertson-Wade

“My Bob Eyland seven-string bass Colichon copy is a most beautiful instrument both to look at and to play. The sound is rich and creamy in the bass and clear with warmth in the treble/tenor range. I feel really fortunate to own this instrument and pick it up with pleasure every time I play.”
Dr Polly Sussex

“I have the privilege of owning one of Bob’s 7 string bass viols. His uncompromising approach to craftsmanship results in instruments of stunning visual as well as sonorous beauty, but what I appreciate particularly is the fact that he never allows a demand for powerful instruments to overshadow subtlety and clarity of tone. I also commissioned a treble viol from him, with equal success.”
Thomas Munck

“I enjoy playing the 6 string bass viol and G violone you made for me. They are beautiful to look at and play very easily, with a very warm tone which many people have commented on, including several professors of the instrument.”
Christopher Coggill